About us

Oued Zayn literally means the river of beauty. We had a vision of a river that will take you to breathtaking places and their beauty secrets. Our nature provides us with such wondrous ingredients. Why shouldn't we use these in our beauty care routines like our ancestors did with much care and love. 

In every part of the world, certain ingredients have been used for care for centuries.

We have been able to get to know some of these beautiful ingredients through those who are distributed throughout the world. We have brought these purely natural products together and packed a piece of nature in a bottle.

All our products are a trip through the world mixed together. Each product is composed with the best of nature that complement and reinforce each other for ultimate care.

Are you ready to travel through the river of beauty.


  • Cruelty free

    We do not test any product or ingredient on animals.

  • 100% natural

    All Oued Zayn products are vegan and all ingredients are plant derived. 

    Furthermore, we do not use any harmful synthetics. 

  • Recycle

    Our cardboard tubes can be recycled and are made of recycled paper, the glass oil bottles can be recycled with your other glass products.

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